Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Real-life example on how I used Make Clicks Count for my Side gig…

Heads up, this post is from Gjeret, owner of Make Clicks Count, and gives an example on I created (and why I started selling) this awesome tool.

One of my (many) side gigs, my zen, what keeps me sane, is cutting gemstones and making jewelry.  I can build something with my hands and get a sparkly treasure out of it!  I post on Instagram, facebook, even have a webstore.  These places are not for me to make a living, or main focus of even selling but I use it to show off my work.  Randomly someone will wander across my Instagram page and go "that is Awesome, I want that"  then they message me and ask how to get it.

Boom… This is where Make Clicks Count comes in.

My Personal "Shortened" Domain I have attached to MKECC.com is shiny.one, and I use it for all my Jewelry related links.

Today, someone wants more info on some of my beamsplitters.  Great!

Go off to my webstore, find the products they are looking for, Grab the URL

Open up Make clicks Count and Shorten the Domain.  For this I normally don't create a custom alias, just have randomly generated one plopped in.

I do this with the two other items this person on Instagram is looking at.

Once they are created, hop on them and edit them, I make sure the Title and Description are awesome, then I add my tracking pixel to them,  This will allow me to re-target ads to this person in the future!

I am now going to create a bundle, not something I have talked about much, but an Awesome tool!

I am guessing this person's name (from the Instagram profile) is Ashlea, but the name on the bundle really doesn't matter (Personally I don't like the bundle naming because it is not as memorable as a short(er) link). Set the Bundle Access to Public and Create the bundle.

Once the bundle is made, go back to your dashboard and look at your links

They all should have Pixels next to them, Click on Options

And.. Add to Bundle

We are adding it to the bundle we just created

And, now if we hover over the link, we can see what bundle it is in (you can only assign a link to a single bundle)

Go back to bundles, and Grab your Bundle Link

and, then back to Dashboard, and paste that link in.   This is where an alias is really useful. 

Create the link… Add a Pixel, and Share it out!  
when they click on the link they see:

a) You have a personalized link for your future customer.
b) You have a really cool looking link landing page with exactly what the client wants
c) You can TRACK how many times any of the links are clicked
d) Once the link is clicked, you have gathered their facebook (in this case) Pixel data, and can use Facebook Ad's to re-market to them!
e) Your links to your product are now created, and you can use the Shortened link in different bundles, direct link to Facebook, or even links in your newsletters…. collecting tracking data and adding your pixel to the people who click on it!

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