Saturday, October 31, 2020

Splash Pages! What are they, and why do I care?

Splash Pages!  

Splash pages are a great way to give a little extra information to people who click on your link before they land on the final destination.  Perfect for a little bit of extra advertising, or instruction on a call to action! Great for Promo's, Extra touches... Possibility are almost endless!

Let us get started!

What information can you put in a splash page?  Well... just about anything!  As long as you can fit it on a graphic and imprint that message to your user in 10 (ten) seconds!

Let's get started! Go click on the link, and create a Splash page!

We now get to fill out some required information!  Don't worry, it's easy!


We have a unique name, this is, if you have multiple splash pages, a way to tell them apart. Put something descriptive here. This is a required field.

The link to Product is filled in with a URL that the viewer can click on.  This URL can be the same, or different, then the original destination link.  The button verbage is "View Site"


The Avatar is a 100x100 pixel image, located at the bottom left of the splash page.  The File size must be less than 300KB

The banner can me much larger, and needs to be at least 980 pixels wide.  The height must be between 250 pixels and 500 pixels hight.  The maximum size of the banner is 500KB


The Custom Title and the Custom Message are your Call to Action, this is what you would use to entice your viewer to click on the "Visit Site" Button.


Put it together and this:

Will look like this:

Note, your viewer will see a countdown from 10 to 1, after the counter his 1 the viewer is then sent to your link the Splash page is attached to

The cookie warning popup is to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) informing that our site uses cookies.


Let's attach the splash page to one of your links, in your dashboard, find your link you wish to attach the splash page to, and click edit.

Scroll Down.

Go to the field called Redirection, Use the dropdown and change from Direct to the Splash page you created earlier.

Scroll down to Update to save your changes!

Hacking Facebook Posts to get more targeted advertising with Make Clicks Count!

You have this really awesome story that you posted on Facebook business page, it is something pretty cool that you want to share on your personal page (and, even possibly get some likes and interest to your business page).  I'm here to show you how to get much more that that, I'm here to show you how to generate some targeted marketing out of that link!

First, the easy part, create an awesome post on your business page that people will want to share!  Post that on your business page, then click on the like that show how long ago that link was posted.

Select and copy that long and ugly URL

Log into Make Clicks Count, and paste that long link into the shortener.  Change the Custom Alias or any other advanced options if you wish. Shorten the link.


Refresh the page, so you new link shows up!


Edit the link you just created (it will be on top)

Scroll down until you find the Pixels

Select your tracking Pixels, make sure you are selecting your Facebook Pixel to get the greatest benefit. 

Remember to update the page to save assigning the pixels.

and go back to your Dashboard


Scroll back down to the link you just edited.

And click the word "Copy" to copy the link to your clipboard


And, paste the new, freshly pixelized link into your Facebook page (or other Facebook business page). Anyone clicking on that link will tag that user into your Facebook Pixel audience.  This data can be used to either create a targeted Facebook ad to either your Facebook audience, or to an audience with the same likes of people who have clicked on your link.


Google is the king of Tracking, leverage the power of Google Ad Words with the Creative Collective

Google is the king of tracking, and we, at the Make Clicks Count, are happy to leverage the Google Adwords conversion pixel with our awesome tool!

Here is how to set up and attach your Adwords Pixel to your account! 

Facebook Pixels Wow Such Power


Do you Post or Advertise on Facebook?  Awesome!

Make Clicks Count integrates with Facebook Pixels? - Start saving money with your advertising! 

What is Facebook Pixels?  It is a way to make sure your Facebook ads are targeting the correct people! You can use it to drive sales, target people who like the same likes as people who click on your links, and save money by making sure your ads are targeted and seen by the people you would like and use your product! 

Ack! The Password Auto-Fills in my Links!

Some Password Managers get a bit over aggressive to put your password into sites you visit, that have a optional password field, including Make Clicks Count (
Many Password Managers allow you to disable the Autofill per site. 

Memorable is Better than Short

Short URL’s are awesome for places like TikTok or Twitter where size matters.  But, what is better for your branding, is getting something memorable!   Make Clicks Count has a number of premium domains for our subscribers - pro level or better -  to use to create a great marketing campaign. 

the About us Blog

Image of Gjeret, the guy that runs MKE Creative CollectiveMake Clicks Count is the brainchild of Gjeret Stein, and we started as a side project during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

During one of his Small Business Mastermind Group calls, he was showing off a custom link shortener he was working on to redirect his TikTok audience to his jewelry web store.  

The Zoom meeting got real quiet, then erupted into questions, What about tracking? What about Custom links, What about.....  What about What about….    And then the big question appeared. 

"How can we get this awesome service into the hands of our other members?"

Stop, Shift, Pivot.

The manual .htaccess redirect script stopped development.  Development on getting a Link Tool started!


We started getting some Must Haves:

  • Secure, Check
  • Quick, Check
  • Brand-able, Check
  • Easy to use, Check

And then, more advanced tools were brought in!

  • Edit saved links, Check
  • Integrate with Tracking pixels like Facebook, Check
  • Integrate with Conversion Tags like Google, Check
  • Track by Browser, Check
  • Track by Country, Check
  • Work as a Team, Check

So, yes... We are a real company, backed by a real team of people who are working hard to make an AWESOME tool for businesses!

Drop us a line at, we would love to hear from you!


What is better than a Short Domain? One you can remember!

Welcome to our Awesome Domains! at Make Clicks Count ((

When you sign up for our services at the Pro level or greater, you can use any one of our awesome domains for your marketing branding URL's   Think of it, Creating a link to your LinkedIn page with a Branded URL of Knowledgeable One.  Like mine, (our "almost free" plan will only give you access to links shortened with

You can alway (using the Pro Plan or greater) attach your own domain to use!  But, if you need a cool quick domain to accent your marketing campaign, we have a list for you to use, including:

Make Content Count Welcome to the new SEO and Webpage Tech Check

You Spoke, We Listened!    We heard you say "We are spending oodles on web pages and SEO, and we don't know if they even work!"...