Saturday, October 31, 2020

Google is the king of Tracking, leverage the power of Google Ad Words with the Creative Collective

Google is the king of tracking, and we, at the Make Clicks Count, are happy to leverage the Google Adwords conversion pixel with our awesome tool!

Here is how to set up and attach your Adwords Pixel to your account! 


What are tracking pixels?

Ad platforms such as Google Adwords provide a conversion tracking tool to allow you to gather data on your customers and how they behave on your website. By adding your pixel ID from the Google platform, you will be able to optimize marketing simply by using your short URLs.

With AdWords conversion tracking, you can see how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity. The Adwords pixel ID is usually composed of AW followed by 11 digits followed by 19 mixed characters.

Lets set up your Google AW Pixel Number first.

Lets go to our Bundle Page where we store useful links, in this case Google Adword Conversion Pixel Links:

Then Log into your Google Adwords! 


If this is the first time you are logging into your Google Ads account, it will try and have you set up an ad campaign.  We don't need to do this (yet), we just need to get your Ad Conversion Pixel.  Click on Advanced to bypass the New Campaign wizard.


And, create the account without a campaign.

Verify your billing information and your timezone, hit the submit button.

Press the button to Explore your Account.

Congrats! Your account is created!  Lets get you into your Tools and Settings!

Click on Tools and Settings, We want to get into your Conversions.


Click +Conversions 


And, we will be tracking who and when people click on your links, so click on the Website link.


We will be tracking Page Views, lets click on that.

Enter a descriptive name for your Conversion Pixel


Select the Value of your clicks, this will help Google when generating ads based off this Conversion Pixel.

Select how you would like Google to count clicks on your links.  Then click Create and Continue.

It's time to get your Tag!  You can select to view the code (with the Tag inside) on your web browser (Red Arrow), or email the tag to someone (Green Arrow).  We always recommend to email the tag for easy lookup.


If you view the code, the information we need is the AW-XXXX number, select and copy that entire string please.

If you decide to email the code, go to the email address field and place your email address there.

And, we are done with the Google Page part of this.

Check your email, and open open up the one giving your the needed code. Find the code that starts with AW-xxxxx, and copy it - including the AW- (but not the ')

Log into your Creative Collective account! Then click on Tracking Pixels

We are going to ad an Adwords Pixel


Enter a descriptive name, something to let you know what type of pixel you created.  In the Pixel Tag field, put in the AW-xxx number, including the AW-


In the list of your links, if you have a Pixel funnel next to a link, there is a Pixel applied to that link.  If there is no icon, a pixel has not been attached yet.  To attach a pixel, you must edit the already created link.

When you edit the link, scroll down

Click on the whitespace in Targeting Pixels.  The Google Adwords pixels are located under the Adwords heading.  Click on the Pixel you want applied to your link and it will be selected.  We support Multiple Pixels on each of your links.

And now your Google Adwords Conversion Pixel is attached to your links. 

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