Saturday, October 31, 2020

Ack! The Password Auto-Fills in my Links!

Some Password Managers get a bit over aggressive to put your password into sites you visit, that have a optional password field, including Make Clicks Count (
Many Password Managers allow you to disable the Autofill per site.  

Here are directions on how to disable the autofill on the password field for Lastpass

Disable autofill per site

  1. In your web browser toolbar, click the inactive LastPass icon  .
  2. Enter your username and your LastPass Master Password, then click Log In.
  3. If prompted, complete steps for Multifactor Authentication (if it is enabled on your account).

  4. Click the active LastPass icon  in your toolbar, then use the Search field or go to All items > Passwords and locate your desired site.
  5. Click the Edit icon  to open the site entry.
  6. Under Advanced Settings section, check the box to enable the "Disable AutoFill" option.
  7. Click Save.

Note:  If the site is launched from the LastPass Vault or from the LastPass web browser extension, it will still automatically fill and log you into the site, even if your site Preferences are set with "Autologin" disabled and "Disable Autofill" enabled.

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