Saturday, October 31, 2020

Facebook Pixels Wow Such Power


Do you Post or Advertise on Facebook?  Awesome!

Make Clicks Count integrates with Facebook Pixels? - Start saving money with your advertising! 

What is Facebook Pixels?  It is a way to make sure your Facebook ads are targeting the correct people! You can use it to drive sales, target people who like the same likes as people who click on your links, and save money by making sure your ads are targeted and seen by the people you would like and use your product! 


One of our clients calls this the "Secret Sauce" with his posts.  Anytime someone signs up to his zoom meetings, Bamb! They are Pixeled, and he can re-target them within Facebook!

As a Business Owner or Marketer, or even a coach, we feel you should be using a Pixel on ALL of your links to help hone your audience!

So, how do we set up Facebook Pixel, Glad you asked.

Go Here:

Facebook Pixels

This will get you to my Facebook Bundle Page (using our Bundles) where we keep up to date links on how to easily set up your FB Pixels


Lets add your first Facebook Pixel, Go to the "Direct link to Facebook Pixels" to get to the Facebook Business Settings Page

We want Select Pixels in Data Sources

Select Add, and Enter a Name for your Pixel that you will see in the Facebook Settings

You do not need to enter a Website name, and if you use a number of our cool vanity names, you will want to keep this blank.


And, lets start using our Pixel!


And because we are using the Pixels in our link tool, we can safely cancel out of this screen!


And we get back to the main page, Copy your Pixel ID, we will need it!



Log into your account, and go to Tracking Pixels!



In this example, we are using Facebook, veryify that is the Pixel Provider.

Enter a descriptive name for your Pixel, copy and paste your Pixel ID into the Pixel Tag, then hit Add Pixel


Your new pixel will show up in your Pixel List


Links with active pixels will have an Icon next to them, if you hover over the icon, it will show you the pixel assigned!


Links without a Pixel can be asigned one by Editing the link, and scrolling down to Pixels



You can select your pixel, you can select multiple pixles.


Once we got people clicking on our links, we can start gathering data!

Open your Facebook Events Manager

Find where your Pixel lives (Personal or Business Facebook account)


And we can start seeing Data


Now, you can create your Facebook Campaign using data from your Facebook Pixel!  


LOOK AT THAT TARGETING POWER!  Add your Tag to Everything!

Our Basic Plan gives you 1 Tracking Pixel

Our Pro Plan gives you 10 Tracking Pixels

And if you are a marketing company, the Large Team is Unlimited!


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