Saturday, October 31, 2020

Hacking Facebook Posts to get more targeted advertising with Make Clicks Count!

You have this really awesome story that you posted on Facebook business page, it is something pretty cool that you want to share on your personal page (and, even possibly get some likes and interest to your business page).  I'm here to show you how to get much more that that, I'm here to show you how to generate some targeted marketing out of that link!

First, the easy part, create an awesome post on your business page that people will want to share!  Post that on your business page, then click on the like that show how long ago that link was posted.

Select and copy that long and ugly URL

Log into Make Clicks Count, and paste that long link into the shortener.  Change the Custom Alias or any other advanced options if you wish. Shorten the link.


Refresh the page, so you new link shows up!


Edit the link you just created (it will be on top)

Scroll down until you find the Pixels

Select your tracking Pixels, make sure you are selecting your Facebook Pixel to get the greatest benefit. 

Remember to update the page to save assigning the pixels.

and go back to your Dashboard


Scroll back down to the link you just edited.

And click the word "Copy" to copy the link to your clipboard


And, paste the new, freshly pixelized link into your Facebook page (or other Facebook business page). Anyone clicking on that link will tag that user into your Facebook Pixel audience.  This data can be used to either create a targeted Facebook ad to either your Facebook audience, or to an audience with the same likes of people who have clicked on your link.


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