Saturday, October 31, 2020

Splash Pages! What are they, and why do I care?

Splash Pages!  

Splash pages are a great way to give a little extra information to people who click on your link before they land on the final destination.  Perfect for a little bit of extra advertising, or instruction on a call to action! Great for Promo's, Extra touches... Possibility are almost endless!

Let us get started!

What information can you put in a splash page?  Well... just about anything!  As long as you can fit it on a graphic and imprint that message to your user in 10 (ten) seconds!

Let's get started! Go click on the link, and create a Splash page!

We now get to fill out some required information!  Don't worry, it's easy!


We have a unique name, this is, if you have multiple splash pages, a way to tell them apart. Put something descriptive here. This is a required field.

The link to Product is filled in with a URL that the viewer can click on.  This URL can be the same, or different, then the original destination link.  The button verbage is "View Site"


The Avatar is a 100x100 pixel image, located at the bottom left of the splash page.  The File size must be less than 300KB

The banner can me much larger, and needs to be at least 980 pixels wide.  The height must be between 250 pixels and 500 pixels hight.  The maximum size of the banner is 500KB


The Custom Title and the Custom Message are your Call to Action, this is what you would use to entice your viewer to click on the "Visit Site" Button.


Put it together and this:

Will look like this:

Note, your viewer will see a countdown from 10 to 1, after the counter his 1 the viewer is then sent to your link the Splash page is attached to

The cookie warning popup is to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) informing that our site uses cookies.


Let's attach the splash page to one of your links, in your dashboard, find your link you wish to attach the splash page to, and click edit.

Scroll Down.

Go to the field called Redirection, Use the dropdown and change from Direct to the Splash page you created earlier.

Scroll down to Update to save your changes!

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